Dead men coerce others into telling tales


Harold’s other Journal

— The king is very strange, he had a secret mission he needed done, yet he advertised publicly for it. I could have gotten in that way, but Book arranged for me to be the official scribe, once Rodes assigned me to find out the details. Not bad as far as collector duties go. Rumour had it that the mission would take me to one of the neihbouring states, so I was given a list of fellow collectors operating in the major cities in the neihbouring regions.

— Looks like our group is going to be headed by a Paladin, it’s to be expected, but Paladins leave a foul taste in my mouth, they are nothing but dogs obediently obeying every word their liege, or worse their personal god.

We’ve also got an old elf named Aldain, he’s seen a lot of battles, and seems to be as sharp as any sword. I’ll have to be careful around him.

Next we have a halfling who may as well be a child, she’s young and naive, and she herself atributes her wellbeing to sheer luck.

Lastly there’s an eladrin named Lynn, apparently a druid. I must say she has a nice Scythe. She may be a little unhinged though, she carries around a taxidermied ferret.

— A Teifling has joined us. We met him after laying waste to some truly inept brigands. The teifling’s story is dragonshit in my opinion, but worth looking into. The man came prepared though, he had teleportation scroll keyed to our destination, I still don’t trust him as far as the halfling can throw him.

— We teleported to Pologia, leaving the old elf behind. Lynn apparently prefers to be a fox, she hasn’t been in human form for longer than a few minutes since we left Graminor. I used the excuse to take the horses to the stable to meet up with my contact Benett for some information. I then rejoined the group, and we went to the inn that Larial would likely arrive at, the barkeep was spooked by my appearnace, so I decided to spend my time building on his fears. Elcid seemed to get into a conversation with a Drugar that claimed to be Liral. It wasn’t of course, and a battle ensued. The inn burned, but I got a prisoner to interogate. He was less than helpful but dropped a name. Some guy named Solus helped us out during the fight, but ran off as soon as we mention the King. Aldain showed up again, and was gone just as fast, after handing us some items from the fake Lirial’s body

— We headed to another inn, and Elcid insisted on calling on the King for instructions. The King told Elcid to kill Solus, aparent;y he’s a clone who once tried to usurp the king. The King was kinda stupid to mention that, it imediately made anything he said suspect. Elcid was to dim to realize this when I mentioned it. The King also ordered us home, his lapdog agreed.


Harold joined the group as a scribe assigned to make an official record of the transaction the group was to make. Despite Harold’s habit of throwing chaos bolts first, and interogating survivors later, as of yet nobody has called this to question. Harold rarely takes things at face value, and tends to question anything he isn’t 100% sure of.


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