Tag: deceased


  • Yukaros

    The mage who cloned the King of Gallwood. Apparently the Auric Scholarship is investigating the equipment he used to do this, trying to make it work for their own purposes.

  • Ulbrecht

    Under orders from somebody named "Hartmann", Ulbrecht attempted to impersonate Larial and trick the party into taking a worthless piece of glass back to Gallwood. When his ruse was uncovered, he attempted to kill the party; in the ensuing battle, he was …

  • Sarebus

    The group that ambushed the party in the stables of Pologia was led by Sarebus, a tiefling assassin. Upon interrogating him, the party learned that he was a member of the Auric Scholarship, and was hired by Professor Hartmann to kill the party to prevent …