Tag: Ally


  • King Paulos

    Paulos is King of Graminor, which he rules from the city of Gallwood. In his time, he has made peace with the nations that immediately border his, and more impressively, sustained a truce with New Turath, long the enemies of Graminor. However, rumor has …

  • Nigel

    Nigel hears voices in his head, and he talks to rats. The difference being, the "voices in his head" are the surface thoughts of people nearby, and when he tells the rats to do something, they do... The party encountered him in an alleyway behind a …

  • Jiminy

    Formerly a priest of Avandra in Turathi City, Jiminy was captured by temple guards and forced to help them rob passing worshipers. The party managed to free him, and misdirect the guards so that he could escape. Now he is on his way out of the city.