King's Gambit

Day 5
Day 5

Kali and Elcid, who were staying with our tiefling companion Kairon, were awoken in the early hours of the morning to a cloud of sleeping gas and three sucubi dressed as tieflings attempting to kidnap Kairon. 2 Got away with Kairon and one was killed.

The dead one was dragged over to the headquarters of the Highborns who told us the collar she had been wearing was owned by the battle mage school and meant to control devils. More deadly ties to the Aurics I’m afraid. They also agreed to return the new halfling that Callie kidnapped to the halfling encampment outside town

When we went to collect a refined obsidian chip from the safe house Roweena saw a flash of Mr Green and dragged us along to investigate the ally he disappeared down. Although Mr Green was nowhere to be seen a strange hobo by the name of Nigel was discovered. he was cooking rat by a fire and apparently also talks to rats. He told us he hadn’t seen Mr. Green but something had scared his rats. His rats were all rather large and Llynn seemed to be under the impression they were eaves dropping. He was also inadvertantly eaves dropping on the safe house psycicly though he had a tin hat to stop the voices sometimes. We also learned of men in the catacombs digging up corpses who were likely the ones who wanted the obsidian.

Following Harolds address we arrived in a cemetary at the Autumn Crypt. The men inside lead most of the party down into the catacombs saving Llynn ans Callie who snuck in behind for saftey. Llynn who snuck off on her own was the first to discover danger when she ran into two tall scyth weilding moving statues who turned out to be gargoyles. Meanwhile the grave robbers attacked Elcid and Harold while Roweena ran to let Callie in as the nasty men had closed the gate shutting her out.

The fight that insued was a bit bloody but overall sucessful. After killing the leader and his minion the Gargoyles backed off and we were allowed to go. Llynn also now has a minion that she used to help win the fight the fox is starting an army of the damned…

KILL COUNT Harold 3 Llynn 4 Callie 1 Elcid 1 Roweena 0 Kairon 0

Day 4.5
Day 4.5

It seems there is some confusion as to whether Paulos Or Saulos is the real king. Saulos remembers both being king and being the imposter and there is no way of telling which memory is true at the moment. Thats why Elcid didn’t run him through on the spot. We interogated the other two who were in the cage with him, the guards from the wagon, and learned nothing of value. It seems they were only minions.

The wagon contained a fair number of useful items which we liberated from the theives including magic robes, flying potions, and enough obsidian to raise a small undead army. Hopefully we don’t get caught with it on our persons.

Llynn being the clever sneak she is set a stealthy warg grenade trap in the wagon for the mage who may come back to check on the wagon later.

We continued our journey to ___ where we found Karion at an inn speaking to several other tieflings. He led us to the headquarters of the highborn peacekeepers where a deal was struck that they will help provide us with supplies in exchange for ____.

Meanwhile Roweena left to find her agent with our stealthy fox-druid following behind. sometimes i think Llynn should have been a theif.

When she and Roweena returned we split up once again. Cali, Elcid and Llynn went to the temple and I took Saulos, Roweena and Kairos to the safehouse to trade in the obsidian for refining. The Paladin said not to sell it but wohever heard of a paladin raising an undead army?

My contacts also managed to aquire the papers I’ll need for mages training with professer Hartman.

When we met up with the rest of the group they look hassled but unharmed. Hardly surprising since none of them pray to Tiefling dietys. Callie seems to have aquired some new belongings as she was carrying a large sack but I’ll inquire later.

Half the group has decied to accept Kairons invitation to stay at his home. Roweena and I however polietly declined and are off to find an inn for the night. More Later.


Day 4
Day 4

Day 6.

This morning we awoke and, after calling maintenance to Callie’s flooded room, went to retrieve Karios from the Mages Guild where he had gone to buy a belt to make himself appear more human. When we arrived, however, the place was surrounded by guards and it appeared Mr Green had kidnapped Kairos and then been captured. Another green Deva then appeared and said she was going to join our journey as well. Our covert mission is becoming less and less secret.

After questioning Mr Green and watching him disappear we discovered the man who we had left the golden thread with had been slaughtered. Most unhelpful to discovering more about the Auric Scholarship. The next step was to search the safehouses and then find Saulos. Our new Deva companion however decided that looting the guard houses was unnecessary and went on ahead.

The first guardhouse was a simple search which produced 1000 gold and a few dagger cards. One which seems to be a fire-power joker and requires further examination.

The second safehouse was more difficult and although we got in alright, thanks to Llynn, a trap was released when we went for the scrying crystal and we had a brief scrap with an unlucky Warg and a Dire wolf. I also accidentally alerted someone to our presence in the safehouse via the crystal which brought two mages to burn down the building. That’s the third location to go up in flames thanks to us. It seems to be a habit.

From that safehouse we did manage to get 3 ecumenical holy symbols, a crystal fang that Llynn claimed and Sarebus’s Scrying Crystal.

From there we returned to the stables and set off after Saulos and our Deva. We found them being held prisoner in a smugglers wagon and after killing off the driver and most of the guards we put Saulos and the two remaining guards back into the cage while we investigated the loot.

SO far we have discovered 2 very nice robes one of them likely being magical and a crate of flying potions. Looks like making Elcid fix the wagon may prove useless.

Onto interrogating. Further reports to come.

- Harold

Day 3
Day 3

Day 5 of etc.

We arose early today against our wills (thanks to Elcid). I forgot to mention that yesterday some of our party made trips to their respective temples and gleaned a small amount of information including to search all bodies for golden threads. As a personal observation it appears Llynn doesn’t appreciate her 2 legged form and now seems to be the group pet.

Anyway today we headed off to the Address to meet Sarebus. It was a ruined theater and although there were rules to make it a clean fight he broke those rules. As a direct result of this, he was brutally killed- by his own flamethrower I might add. It had been re-rigged by Llynn and when Sarebus activated it after I tackled Elcid into the original range of the flame thrower he himself was barbecued (and another building was burnt to the ground by our party).

The deal that was made however was that if we won we could have Sarebus’s corpse for questioning.

Which we took full advantage of.

But then who should find us again but our old companion Karios the Tiefling. After stalking us to the guard house he revealed that he had been in a thieves safehouse with Saulos until Saulos was kidnapped. We had previously discovered that Saulos is in fact the kings clone who has tried to take the throne on several occasions and his head is also worth a bundle.

Anyway, Upon searching Sarebus’s charred remains we did discover a gold thread. The three questions asked were: 1. Give us all the identifying details of your employer, 2. Tell us the purpose of the gold thread, and 3. What is the reason we’re wanted dead.

We discovered a Mage at the Battlemages Academy in Turathi City named Professor Hartmann hired Sarebus to kill us. He is also a member of the Auric Scholarship, a secret order of some sort. We were being killed so neither information or Saulos could be returned to the king. We also re-questioned Sarebus’s henchmen discovering the locations of several safe houses, Sarebus’s private scrying crystal, and we learned that Larial is also involved.

The rest of the day was spent Elsewhere. The Paladin and the halfling went to the temple while The fox and I went to visit Bennet. Never leave the tiefling alone. He got himself arrested for suspicious criminal activity around the theatre we just burned to the ground. Luckily our paladin isn’t the most honest of his class and managed to free our strange companion under the pretense that Karios was his son. very odd.

We also dropped off the gold thread at the Temple of Ioun. They are attempting to decipher the enchantments on it.

Now we are retiring for the evening hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful.


Day 2
Day 2

Day 4 of Avril, the 9th year.

Today we began our hunt for the true Larial. We questioned several people and then while in the stables we were attacked by a band of Tiefling Assasins. Everyone fought very well and all but one were captured and one was also killed. Bennet is surprisingly good with a weapon.

Upon questioning the survivors it was discovered the escaped Tiefling was the leader of the group a man called Sarebus. The price on his head is rather hefty and worth far more than his side-kicks. We intend to pursue this.

His henchmen said we should wait by the old light house. It’s being used as a check-point by the thieves guild which Sarebus is apparently part of. This could prove dangerous.

We managed to get an old dwarf lady to take us to the lighthouse as tourists. Apparently the isle was created by a lazy mage and it has began to sink leaking toxic wastes into the nearby water and land killing all but the most deadly creatures such as eels and making the water more like acid. The island the lighthouse is on is barren and dead for the same reasons. Llynn was sent ahead to look for danger and she found it right away.

Two large orcs were waiting for us behind the lighthouse. One appeared to be a cleric of Grummsh. As Llynn approached on her scouting mission they began yelling in what was likely giant and attacking. We resisted and would have won but one of the orcs knew Elcid and the battle ended there. It turned out they were sent by Sarebus to inform us to meet him and gave us an address.

We will be investigating that tomorrow for tonight we will go back to our Inn and rest. The Paladin looks like he could use it.

We were also given playing cards that turn into daggers by the paladin. In case we need to identify as thieves. They seem odd.


Day 1
Day 1

Today is the 3 of Avril in the 9th year of Paulos’ reign.

We set out from Graminor today and made our way towards Tworiver. At the order of King Paulos. We are intended to deliver a bag of gold, enchanted to be thief proof, to a “Larial” in exchange for some sort of focusing crystal for the king.

1 Eladrin Druid (Llynn), 1 Human Paladin (Elcid), 1 Halfling Ranger (Callie), 1 elderly elf (Aldain), and myself are in the party.

On the way we ran into some frog men who ambushed us on the bridge. They were likely after our wagon. They were quickly defeated but the encounter attracted the notice of a Tiefling with a letter from the king requesting that he join our party. The Tiefling also had an intriguing story about a man by the name of Mr Green who delivered this letter and a teleportation scroll to Pologia and apparently saved him from one of the falling frog corpses.

Hopefully bringing him along will not be regretted. Add 1 Tiefling fighter (Karion) to the party count making it 6 in total.

We left the old elf behind when we teleported out. Hopefully he won’t be too angry. After stabling the horses with Bennet we retired to an inn for the night where we were once again attacked this time by a Duergar pretending to be Larial. The elf appeared once again and helped us successfully defeat the Duergar and then disappeared again along with our new Tiefling Karios.

The Druid’s wild shape is a white fox. Who is very silly looking when dyed pink with blood.

We managed to leave the ruins of the first inn (it burned down shortly after our departure)and found a safe place to rest for the night. Hopefully no other strange encounters will take place.


P.s. Watch out for the Halfling, she can likely drink a dwarf under the table.


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