King's Gambit

Day 5

Day 5

Kali and Elcid, who were staying with our tiefling companion Kairon, were awoken in the early hours of the morning to a cloud of sleeping gas and three sucubi dressed as tieflings attempting to kidnap Kairon. 2 Got away with Kairon and one was killed.

The dead one was dragged over to the headquarters of the Highborns who told us the collar she had been wearing was owned by the battle mage school and meant to control devils. More deadly ties to the Aurics I’m afraid. They also agreed to return the new halfling that Callie kidnapped to the halfling encampment outside town

When we went to collect a refined obsidian chip from the safe house Roweena saw a flash of Mr Green and dragged us along to investigate the ally he disappeared down. Although Mr Green was nowhere to be seen a strange hobo by the name of Nigel was discovered. he was cooking rat by a fire and apparently also talks to rats. He told us he hadn’t seen Mr. Green but something had scared his rats. His rats were all rather large and Llynn seemed to be under the impression they were eaves dropping. He was also inadvertantly eaves dropping on the safe house psycicly though he had a tin hat to stop the voices sometimes. We also learned of men in the catacombs digging up corpses who were likely the ones who wanted the obsidian.

Following Harolds address we arrived in a cemetary at the Autumn Crypt. The men inside lead most of the party down into the catacombs saving Llynn ans Callie who snuck in behind for saftey. Llynn who snuck off on her own was the first to discover danger when she ran into two tall scyth weilding moving statues who turned out to be gargoyles. Meanwhile the grave robbers attacked Elcid and Harold while Roweena ran to let Callie in as the nasty men had closed the gate shutting her out.

The fight that insued was a bit bloody but overall sucessful. After killing the leader and his minion the Gargoyles backed off and we were allowed to go. Llynn also now has a minion that she used to help win the fight the fox is starting an army of the damned…

KILL COUNT Harold 3 Llynn 4 Callie 1 Elcid 1 Roweena 0 Kairon 0



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