King's Gambit

Day 4.5

Day 4.5

It seems there is some confusion as to whether Paulos Or Saulos is the real king. Saulos remembers both being king and being the imposter and there is no way of telling which memory is true at the moment. Thats why Elcid didn’t run him through on the spot. We interogated the other two who were in the cage with him, the guards from the wagon, and learned nothing of value. It seems they were only minions.

The wagon contained a fair number of useful items which we liberated from the theives including magic robes, flying potions, and enough obsidian to raise a small undead army. Hopefully we don’t get caught with it on our persons.

Llynn being the clever sneak she is set a stealthy warg grenade trap in the wagon for the mage who may come back to check on the wagon later.

We continued our journey to ___ where we found Karion at an inn speaking to several other tieflings. He led us to the headquarters of the highborn peacekeepers where a deal was struck that they will help provide us with supplies in exchange for ____.

Meanwhile Roweena left to find her agent with our stealthy fox-druid following behind. sometimes i think Llynn should have been a theif.

When she and Roweena returned we split up once again. Cali, Elcid and Llynn went to the temple and I took Saulos, Roweena and Kairos to the safehouse to trade in the obsidian for refining. The Paladin said not to sell it but wohever heard of a paladin raising an undead army?

My contacts also managed to aquire the papers I’ll need for mages training with professer Hartman.

When we met up with the rest of the group they look hassled but unharmed. Hardly surprising since none of them pray to Tiefling dietys. Callie seems to have aquired some new belongings as she was carrying a large sack but I’ll inquire later.

Half the group has decied to accept Kairons invitation to stay at his home. Roweena and I however polietly declined and are off to find an inn for the night. More Later.




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