King's Gambit

Day 4

Day 4

Day 6.

This morning we awoke and, after calling maintenance to Callie’s flooded room, went to retrieve Karios from the Mages Guild where he had gone to buy a belt to make himself appear more human. When we arrived, however, the place was surrounded by guards and it appeared Mr Green had kidnapped Kairos and then been captured. Another green Deva then appeared and said she was going to join our journey as well. Our covert mission is becoming less and less secret.

After questioning Mr Green and watching him disappear we discovered the man who we had left the golden thread with had been slaughtered. Most unhelpful to discovering more about the Auric Scholarship. The next step was to search the safehouses and then find Saulos. Our new Deva companion however decided that looting the guard houses was unnecessary and went on ahead.

The first guardhouse was a simple search which produced 1000 gold and a few dagger cards. One which seems to be a fire-power joker and requires further examination.

The second safehouse was more difficult and although we got in alright, thanks to Llynn, a trap was released when we went for the scrying crystal and we had a brief scrap with an unlucky Warg and a Dire wolf. I also accidentally alerted someone to our presence in the safehouse via the crystal which brought two mages to burn down the building. That’s the third location to go up in flames thanks to us. It seems to be a habit.

From that safehouse we did manage to get 3 ecumenical holy symbols, a crystal fang that Llynn claimed and Sarebus’s Scrying Crystal.

From there we returned to the stables and set off after Saulos and our Deva. We found them being held prisoner in a smugglers wagon and after killing off the driver and most of the guards we put Saulos and the two remaining guards back into the cage while we investigated the loot.

SO far we have discovered 2 very nice robes one of them likely being magical and a crate of flying potions. Looks like making Elcid fix the wagon may prove useless.

Onto interrogating. Further reports to come.

- Harold



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