King's Gambit

Day 3

Day 3

Day 5 of etc.

We arose early today against our wills (thanks to Elcid). I forgot to mention that yesterday some of our party made trips to their respective temples and gleaned a small amount of information including to search all bodies for golden threads. As a personal observation it appears Llynn doesn’t appreciate her 2 legged form and now seems to be the group pet.

Anyway today we headed off to the Address to meet Sarebus. It was a ruined theater and although there were rules to make it a clean fight he broke those rules. As a direct result of this, he was brutally killed- by his own flamethrower I might add. It had been re-rigged by Llynn and when Sarebus activated it after I tackled Elcid into the original range of the flame thrower he himself was barbecued (and another building was burnt to the ground by our party).

The deal that was made however was that if we won we could have Sarebus’s corpse for questioning.

Which we took full advantage of.

But then who should find us again but our old companion Karios the Tiefling. After stalking us to the guard house he revealed that he had been in a thieves safehouse with Saulos until Saulos was kidnapped. We had previously discovered that Saulos is in fact the kings clone who has tried to take the throne on several occasions and his head is also worth a bundle.

Anyway, Upon searching Sarebus’s charred remains we did discover a gold thread. The three questions asked were: 1. Give us all the identifying details of your employer, 2. Tell us the purpose of the gold thread, and 3. What is the reason we’re wanted dead.

We discovered a Mage at the Battlemages Academy in Turathi City named Professor Hartmann hired Sarebus to kill us. He is also a member of the Auric Scholarship, a secret order of some sort. We were being killed so neither information or Saulos could be returned to the king. We also re-questioned Sarebus’s henchmen discovering the locations of several safe houses, Sarebus’s private scrying crystal, and we learned that Larial is also involved.

The rest of the day was spent Elsewhere. The Paladin and the halfling went to the temple while The fox and I went to visit Bennet. Never leave the tiefling alone. He got himself arrested for suspicious criminal activity around the theatre we just burned to the ground. Luckily our paladin isn’t the most honest of his class and managed to free our strange companion under the pretense that Karios was his son. very odd.

We also dropped off the gold thread at the Temple of Ioun. They are attempting to decipher the enchantments on it.

Now we are retiring for the evening hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful.




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