King's Gambit

Day 2

Day 2

Day 4 of Avril, the 9th year.

Today we began our hunt for the true Larial. We questioned several people and then while in the stables we were attacked by a band of Tiefling Assasins. Everyone fought very well and all but one were captured and one was also killed. Bennet is surprisingly good with a weapon.

Upon questioning the survivors it was discovered the escaped Tiefling was the leader of the group a man called Sarebus. The price on his head is rather hefty and worth far more than his side-kicks. We intend to pursue this.

His henchmen said we should wait by the old light house. It’s being used as a check-point by the thieves guild which Sarebus is apparently part of. This could prove dangerous.

We managed to get an old dwarf lady to take us to the lighthouse as tourists. Apparently the isle was created by a lazy mage and it has began to sink leaking toxic wastes into the nearby water and land killing all but the most deadly creatures such as eels and making the water more like acid. The island the lighthouse is on is barren and dead for the same reasons. Llynn was sent ahead to look for danger and she found it right away.

Two large orcs were waiting for us behind the lighthouse. One appeared to be a cleric of Grummsh. As Llynn approached on her scouting mission they began yelling in what was likely giant and attacking. We resisted and would have won but one of the orcs knew Elcid and the battle ended there. It turned out they were sent by Sarebus to inform us to meet him and gave us an address.

We will be investigating that tomorrow for tonight we will go back to our Inn and rest. The Paladin looks like he could use it.

We were also given playing cards that turn into daggers by the paladin. In case we need to identify as thieves. They seem odd.




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