King's Gambit

Day 1

Day 1

Today is the 3 of Avril in the 9th year of Paulos’ reign.

We set out from Graminor today and made our way towards Tworiver. At the order of King Paulos. We are intended to deliver a bag of gold, enchanted to be thief proof, to a “Larial” in exchange for some sort of focusing crystal for the king.

1 Eladrin Druid (Llynn), 1 Human Paladin (Elcid), 1 Halfling Ranger (Callie), 1 elderly elf (Aldain), and myself are in the party.

On the way we ran into some frog men who ambushed us on the bridge. They were likely after our wagon. They were quickly defeated but the encounter attracted the notice of a Tiefling with a letter from the king requesting that he join our party. The Tiefling also had an intriguing story about a man by the name of Mr Green who delivered this letter and a teleportation scroll to Pologia and apparently saved him from one of the falling frog corpses.

Hopefully bringing him along will not be regretted. Add 1 Tiefling fighter (Karion) to the party count making it 6 in total.

We left the old elf behind when we teleported out. Hopefully he won’t be too angry. After stabling the horses with Bennet we retired to an inn for the night where we were once again attacked this time by a Duergar pretending to be Larial. The elf appeared once again and helped us successfully defeat the Duergar and then disappeared again along with our new Tiefling Karios.

The Druid’s wild shape is a white fox. Who is very silly looking when dyed pink with blood.

We managed to leave the ruins of the first inn (it burned down shortly after our departure)and found a safe place to rest for the night. Hopefully no other strange encounters will take place.


P.s. Watch out for the Halfling, she can likely drink a dwarf under the table.



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